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The New Ward

The Most Innovative Technology in the Fleet Industry

Ward’s new Ward W4 products are the most revolutionary automated fuel management and vehicle telematic products in the fleet industry.  The Ward W4 includes a new enterprise class software and reporting tool, a redesigned fuel control terminal, and a new industry leading Canceiver for fleet vehicle telematics and fuel management.  Stay tuned for detailed Ward W4 information in the near future.

Since 1974, E.J. Ward, Inc. (Ward) has been the industry leader and on the forefront of fleet technology development to ensure accountability and security of fuel usage by public and private fleets in North America and internationally using the Ward Automated Fuel Management System (AFMS). Ward’s solution suite provides significant savings for our public and private fleet customers through Automated Fuel Management, GPS based Asset Tracking Solutions, Tire Pressure Monitoring systems and Enterprise Application Integration across an organization's technology infrastructure.

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