EV Charging Stations Overview

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EV Charging Stations Overview
Ward CANceiver Fuel Control Terminal PowerCharge Station Fuel View Software Communication

Ward CANceiver

The CANceiver collects data for vehicle status, location, and driver behavior into one device, enabling fleet managers to monitor and analyze crucial data and key performance indicators. The CANceiver transmits event data to the FCT and customer network.

Fuel Control Terminal

The Fuel Control Terminal provides controlled access, stores, and transmits transaction data to the Fuel View database. The FCT can also be used for broadcast or targeted messaging.

PowerCharge Station

PowerCharge EV charging station fully integrates with Ward FCT's and Fuel View software.

Fuel View Software

Fuel View Software centrally controls, stores, manages, and reports the site's activity and status from the storage tank to vehicle tank or battery.


Ward has many options for bridge Communication, supporting telematics, and passive to mission-critical connectivity in even the most challenging and demanding environments.