Tank Level Sensors Overview

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Tank Level Sensors Overview
Omntec Proteus Series of Tank Gauge Consoles Omntec Proteus PK (Kit Package) Ward FCT Ward Fuel View

Omntec Proteus Series of Tank Gauge Consoles

Omntec Proteus tank  level and gauging sensors to meet any requirement and budget and keep your product in compliance. Fully integrates with Ward FCT and Fuel View software. See the Product Sheets below for more information.

Omntec Proteus PK (Kit Package)

The Proteus AST Kit consists of the Proteus K console, inventory only probes, stainless steel floats, and an AST cap assembly kit to offer an economical solution for monitoring above ground storage tanks.

Ward FCT

The Fuel Control Terminal stores and transmits transaction data to the Fuel View database. Pictured is the new Ward FCT IoT (Internet of Things), which provides enhanced security, real time pump status and remote authorization ability and more.

Ward Fuel View

Ward Fuel View Software centrally controls, stores, manages, and reports the site's activity and status from storage tanks to vehicle fuel tank for fuel, vehicles, employees, and other assets.