With a history of innovation spanning over 40 years, E.J. Ward is the recognized pioneer and continuing leader in the Fuel Management industry. We are committed to providing solutions that improve the productivity of fleet asset managers. Our proud past positions us for an even more successful future. Ward’s noteworthy accomplishments in include many significant achievements, product launches and customer acquisitions.

1974       Eddie J. Ward establishes E.J. Ward, Inc. in San Antonio, Texas

1975       Ward develops the first Automated Fuel Management System

1976       The City of San Antonio purchases the Ward Automated Fuel Management System

1978       The City of New York selects the Ward Automated Fuel Management System. Development of DataFleet 1.0 – the first dial-up Fuel Management System

1979       Development of DataFleet 1.5 – The first fuel management terminal (FCT) with front panel keypad and display screen

1981       Development of the Ward FCT MAB based system

1988       Unix system is introduced

1990       The Ward VIT was developed

1994       The second generation VIT was developed known as the Ward VIT-SX

1996       Ward develops the Ward FCT-RT fuel control terminal

1998       VDOT selects the Ward Automated Fuel Management System

1999       City of Los Angeles selects the Ward Automated Fuel Management System

2000       The Ward CANceiver was developed to monitor vehicle status, driver behavior, and automate fueling access and records

2007       Ward launches major marketing rebranding program

2008       Ward introduces the Ward ATS (Asset Tracking System) real-time and passive AVL solution

2012       Ward launches the W4 product line

2013      City of New York selects W4 as its citywide fuel management solution; the multi-agency deployment consists of over 225 FCTs and 27,000 CANcievers with passive GPS

2014       Ward deploys its first cloud-based W4 system for the County of Monterey in California