Fuel View tutorial videos

Fuel View Tutorial Video Library

Welcome to Ward’s complete W4 Fuel View fleet management software tutorial video library.* Our tutorials cover every aspect of Fuel View and will quickly get you started in managing your fleet’s sites, assets, and automated fueling access from storage tanks to vehicle tanks and beyond. The videos are organized into playlists that logically guide you through Fuel View and build upon your knowledge. We recommend watching them in order to get the most out of your learning experience but feel free just to watch videos as you need them.

Through data-rich reports and At-a-Glance screens and dashboards, you will learn how to see the overall picture of your fleet and uncover ways to decrease fuel costs through a comprehensive understanding of your fleet’s fuel usage.

If you prefer to go straight to Ward’s Fuel View End-user Training channel on YouTube click the link. We encourage you to subscribe to our channel for easy access and update notifications.

* Please note the tutorial video’s do not include Administrator functions. Visit the Fuel View software page for more information on the value of Fuel View. Want to move Fuel View to the cloud? Learn about Ward hosted Fuel View SaaS.

* Please note the tutorial video’s do not include Administrator functions.

1 Introduction to Fuel View

2 Products Overview

3 Fuel View Overview

4 Security Overview

5 Site Management

6 Asset Management

7 Fuel Management

8 Transaction Management

9 Reports

10 Status Pages

11 Alerts and Alarms