Telematics and fuel management solutions for your fleet

Intelligent, customized fuel management solutions and telematics provide fleet-wide control and actionable data that help lower operating costs. Secure automated fueling access methods ensure every drop of fuel is accurately accounted for, and your fleet’s health is improved through superior maintenance and utilization features that help reduce downtime and extend vehicle life.

Fuel management solutions go far beyond fuel dispensing

Real-time and near real-time vehicle usage provide an indepth understanding of your fleet. Manage access to fuel or vehicle fluids and EV charging stations. Optional components track a vehicle’s usage and provide data that help to reduce waste idle time and improve driver habits. User-friendly W4 Fuel View software tracks and manages fuel from storage tanks to vehicle tanks and beyond, with vehicle and employee data for the most accurate, detailed coverage. Comprehensive, easy to read reports provide the data that fleet managers need to make informed decisions that reduce costs and improve operations using detailed, customizable web-based reporting and business intelligence tools such as dashboards with key performance indicators.

Fleet View software control your fleet from storage tank to vehicle tank and beyond

Site-Wide Control

Fuel View Software covers every aspect of running your fleet using preset and custom parameters. At‑A-Glance screens provide detailed insight to the status of every level of sites, overall fleet and individual vehicles.

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Fuel Control Terminals control up to ten dispensers

Secure Access

Fuel Control Terminals provide automated authorization for access to multiple fuels and fluids in islands, mobile fueling tanks, and transit bays. Remote gate, and car wash access versions are available.

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Cost Saving Versatility

CANceivers combine controlled fueling access with vehicle and driver behavior OBD II data retrieval into one device, enabling fleet managers to monitor and collect crucial data on vehicle performance.

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