Internet of Things Fuel Control TerminalReal-Time Fueling Control

The Internet of Things Fuel Control Terminal provides real-time fueling transaction details, connected pump status, and alert details through its easy to read display screen. Comprehensive, up-to-date site data allows managers to effectively operate their sites with the tools already in place to make rapid, knowledgeable decisions.

As demand for detailed information increases and fleet size grows, future flexibility and scalability is ensured with the secure REST API framework and increased memory and storage capacity.

Because it's always connected, the IoT Fuel Control Terminal  allows fleet managers to use Fuel View software to remote authorize fueling for any vehicle or driver, and even control the fuel type and quantity. The IoT FCT interfaces with any combination of gasoline, diesel, CNG, propane, any other fuel or fluid dispensing device, and electric vehicle charging stations, and controls multiple pumps or other dispensers.

Fully automated fueling access is 100% secure using Ward CANceiver™, Fuel Tag and Hose Module or other available access methods.
Proven industrial grade components and a durable powder-coat finish withstand the harshest environments, providing dependable performance for decades.
Standard FCTs also provide exceptional versatility and convenience in transit bays for vehicle fluids and lubricants.

  • Broadcast and targeted messaging
  • Self registering for reduced installation setup time
  • Instant updatesremo


  • 100% secure
  • Controls multiple dispensers and EV chargers
  • Real-time pump status, transactions, alerts, and system log screens
  • Remote access control
  • Configurable fuel scripts and access card formats

Product Sheet

Fuel Control Terminal IoT screens

IoT Fuel Control Terminal screens


Operating System Windows 10 IoT Enterprise; Intel® E827 Atom™ Processor
Communication Options REST based API; HTTPS/SSL; Cat5/6 - TCP/IP; Wi-Fi; hard wire; cellular 3G / 4G
Optional data plans available direct from Ward
Processor Intel® Atom™ E3827 dual core; 1.75 GHz core speed
Memory 4 Gb RAM
Storage 64 Gb industrial grade mSata SSD (upgradeable)
Optional TPM 2.0 security for enhanced storage encryption
Power 120 / 240 VAC; less than 2 Amps total current SBC battery back up and line conditioning
Display 7 inch back-lit graphic display screen;
Automatic night light
QWERTY Keypad Full alphanumeric
Optional: Audible feedback upon key press
Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C industrial rated components