Relevant Features
  • Island FCTs
  • Mobile fueling
  • Multi-fuel capability
  • Pump chaining
  • Electronics 12-24VDC
  • Rugged construction
Other Capabilities
  • Non fuel fluids
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Driver behavior
  • Idle time monitoring
  • GPS tracking
  • Geofencing alert
  • Security gate control
  • Car wash access

Industry Issues

Vehicles and fuel powered equipment used in agriculture, construction, mining, and industrial applications pose unique challenges for fueling, maintenance and the environment. Heavy industry vehicles are work horses: moving heavy loads or people, some with moving parts, in an array of terrains and weather conditions. Maintaining best maintenance practices for vehicles that require regular inspection and cleaning is essential for the health of the vehicle and lowering carbon footprint. Managing fueling and fuel sites are another challenge: vehicles may require mobile fueling and or fuel restrictions at vehicle or employee level.

Ward’s Solution

From storage tank to fuel tank, any liquid which can be metered – gases, lubricants, and other vehicle fluids (washing fluids, deicers ect), can be managed and monitored. Ward Fuel View, total site and fueling management software and Fuel Control Terminals were introduced four decades ago and have been in continual evolution maintaining up-to-date state of technology. The combination of rugged FCTs and robust software create the most powerful, efficient, and flexible fueling and site management controls available, collecting actionable information to allow informed decisions to control fueling costs and maintain the health of your fleet.

Ward’s technology offers the benefit of controlled fueling systems for accuracy and accountability with every transaction. Secure fueling access for absolute certainty every drop of fuel goes into the identified vehicle with positive vehicle or driver identification, controlled frequency, quantity, fuel types and automated transaction records allows drivers to gas and go.

Add Geo-Fencing

With the addition of GPS enabled Fleet View software, driver behavior monitoring, vehicle location tracking, and geo-fence controlled routes makes for an overall efficient, secure – and an even more cost efficient environment to help lower fuel consumption and safety related costs.