Automated Tank Gauging and Leak Detection

OMNTEC PROTEUS Series simultaneously monitors product levels, water levels, temperature, leaks, and much more – making it ideal for a variety of above ground and below ground gauging, sensing, and leak detection applications. Providing advanced technology, versatility, scalability, and enhanced features, the PROTEUS does not require sensor or probe input modules, bringing ease to ordering, installation, and use. A built in microprocessor gives each sensor the ability to identify itself and its location and provides remote testing capability. Bright Eye sensors distinguish the fuel from water or simply detect the presence of liquid.

Remote Tank Monitoring

Omntec Tank Level Sensors are compatible with Ward Fuel Control Terminals and Fuel View software for seamless remote tank monitoring above or below ground hard to reach locations. Multiple configurations are available for communication, offering both economical and advanced solutions.

PROTEUS B Series offers limited features for an economical low-cost solution to gauging, leak detection, and meeting compliance requirements. See Product Sheet for more details and specifications.

PROTEUS K Series has a built-in web server, is compatible with OMNTEC PC remote tank inventory monitoring, has up to eight additional dry contact relays, and flash-based non‐volatile memory for program storage. See Product Sheet for more details and specifications.

PROTEUS AST Kit Packages  The PROTEUS-K controller with inventory only probes, stainless steel floats, and AST Cap Assembly Kit to offer an economical solution for monitoring above-ground storage tanks. See Product Sheet for more details and specifications.

OMNTEC distinguishes itself from its competition with the adaptability and reliability of cost-effective products with rugged designs built for durability.


  • Accepts up to 4 or 8 magnetostrictive probes
  • Accepts up to 16 Bright Eye sensors
  • Built in web server (Series K)
  • Flash based non‐volatile memory for program storage (Series K)
  • Lower cost value (Series B)
  • Scaleable
PROTEUS-B Series Product Sheet
PROTEUS-K Series Product Sheet
PROTEUS-X Series Product Sheet
PROTEUS AST Kit Package Series Product Sheet
PROTEUS Mini-Me Product Sheet

Tank Level Sensors Overview

Click a product component in the illustration for description. For product details see the Product Sheets.

Tank Level Sensors Overview
Omntec Proteus Series of Tank Gauge Consoles Omntec Proteus PK (Kit Package) Ward FCT Ward Fuel View

Omntec Proteus Series of Tank Gauge Consoles

Omntec Proteus tank  level and gauging sensors to meet any requirement and budget and keep your product in compliance. Fully integrates with Ward FCT and Fuel View software. See the Product Sheets below for more information.

Omntec Proteus PK (Kit Package)

The Proteus AST Kit consists of the Proteus K console, inventory only probes, stainless steel floats, and an AST cap assembly kit to offer an economical solution for monitoring above ground storage tanks.

Ward FCT

The Fuel Control Terminal stores and transmits transaction data to the Fuel View database. Pictured is the new Ward FCT IoT (Internet of Things), which provides enhanced security, real time pump status and remote authorization ability and more.

Ward Fuel View

Ward Fuel View Software centrally controls, stores, manages, and reports the site's activity and status from storage tanks to vehicle fuel tank for fuel, vehicles, employees, and other assets. 


Product specifications are general. For specific details, refer to the Product Sheets under the Key Benefits tab.

Electrical Input 100‐240 VAC +/‐ 10% 50/60 Hz 60
Voltage to Sensors 12 VDC
Voltage to Probes 28 VDC
Relay Outputs 120 VAC @ 0.6 amp resistive 3 SPST Failsafe
Low‐voltage Outputs 12 VDC @ 150 mA
Operating Temperature 20 to 140° F (‐7° to 60° C)
Weight 20 lbs (9 kg)
Dimensions 7.73 x 15.21 x 5.53 inches (H x W x D)
Audio Visual Controls
Display 7‐inch color graphic display touch screen
Audible alarm 85 dB piezoelectric horn
System status 3 LED’s (OK, warning, alarm)
Ratings UL and CUL



IoT Fuel Control Terminal


Fuel View

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