ev charging stations for fleets

EV Charging Stations for Fleets

PowerCharge Pro chargers can be tailored to suit electric vehicle charging needs for small or large fleets.

The pedestal-mount station provides flexible placement in your fleet's parking area; the wall-mount versions are the right fit for parking garages or areas where space is limited. The wall-mounted EV charging stations provide simpler, lower cost installation.

Dual port versions allow you to charge two vehicles at once without any loss of charge speed.

The PowerCharge EV charger's sleek design and commercial automotive grade powder coat finish provide long-lasting resistance to chipping, scratching and fading.

EV Charging Options

  • P10 – 16 Amps charging power, 10 miles range per charge hour
  • P20 – 30 Amps charging power, 20 miles range per charge hour
  • P30 – 40 Amps charging power, 30 miles range per charge hour
  • Dual or single EV charge ports
  • Pedestal stand or Wall mounted
  • Retractable cable option

Access options run from fully automated EV charging station access using a Ward Fuel Control Terminal and CANceiver, HID badge, key fob, magnetic stripe card, keypad entry, or combinations of each, based on your unique business needs. Track electric usage through Fuel View fuel management software and vehicle telematics with the Geotab GO9 and Fleet View software powered by MyGeotab.


  • Versatile configurations
  • Data collection and reporting on-line
  • Long lasting powder coat finish
  • Cable retraction option
  • Revenue grade energy meter

EV Charging Stations Overview

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EV Charging Stations Overview
Ward CANceiver Fuel Control Terminal PowerCharge Station Fuel View Software Communication

Ward CANceiver

The CANceiver collects data for vehicle status, location, and driver behavior into one device, enabling fleet managers to monitor and analyze crucial data and key performance indicators. The CANceiver transmits event data to the FCT and customer network.

Fuel Control Terminal

The Fuel Control Terminal provides controlled access, stores, and transmits transaction data to the Fuel View database. The FCT can also be used for broadcast or targeted messaging.

PowerCharge Station

PowerCharge EV charging station fully integrates with Ward FCT's and Fuel View software.

Fuel View Software

Fuel View Software centrally controls, stores, manages, and reports the site's activity and status from the storage tank to vehicle tank or battery.


Ward has many options for bridge Communication, supporting telematics, and passive to mission-critical connectivity in even the most challenging and demanding environments.

Product Sheet


Input Voltage 208/240 VAC
Input Current 16A, 30A, 40A
Input Power Connections Line1, Line2, Earth required service
panel breaker, 16A/20A, 30A/40A, 40A/50A (current/breaker)
Dual station requires two feeds
Electrical Output 16A, 30A, 40A available
Output Charging Power 3.3kW, 7.2 kW, 9.6kW
Output Voltage 208/240 VAC
Output Charging Connector SAE J1772, 18 ft Cable
Ground Fault Detection 20mA CCID with automatic retry at 15-minute intervals, totaling three tries
Plug-Out Detection Power terminated per SAE J1772 specifications
Power Measurement Revenue grade energy metering
Optional Networks TCP/IP CAT 5/6, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Cellular
Operating Temperature -30°C to +55°C
Terminal Block Temperature Rating +100°C
Operating Humidity 90% RH, non-condensing
Enclosure NEMA 3R
Safety Compliance ETL Listed for US and Canada;
Complies with UL 2594, UL 2231-1,UL 2231-2 Surge Protection 6kV
at 3000 VAC
EMC Compliance FCC Part 15 Class A



IoT Fuel Control Terminal
Key fob


Fuel View

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