Ward Fleet View is comprised of software and hardware components.

The software works with our real-time or passive hardware and can be deployed either as a Ward hosted or customer hosted Enterprise Solution.


Both versions are feature rich and allow you to view the location of thousands of assets in real-time or near real-time with the Passive GPS option – an ideal feature for close monitoring of individuals, fleets, or managing thousands of devices.



With our Industry leading geofences you can create unlimited circular or polygonal boundaries. Polygon geofencing allows you to create borders around any point of interest, no matter the shape. Generate alerts when a vehicle is arriving or leaving any geofenced boundary.


Comprehensive Reporting

Design customized reports with our easy-to-use reporting engine. You’ll see everything at a glance, providing the business intelligence that is truly actionable.



Choose from multiple real-time hardware platforms such as the WT-330i LMU 2700 series or the W4 passive antenna plugged into the W4 CANciever. These solutions continuously monitor the vehicle’s environment, and respond instantaneously to predefined threshold conditions related to motion, location, input, time, date and other event combinations.


Options for programming include factory, on-site, or wireless 802.11 WiFi once the unit has been fielded in a vehicle.


Ward also offers some of the most competitive data plans for both GSM and CDMA platforms