Advanced Fuel Control Technology

Ward’s W4 Fuel Control Terminal is a stand-alone intelligent solution that interfaces with dispensing systems for gasoline, diesel, CNG, LNG, propane, and other fuel or fluid dispensing solutions.

Multiple fuel access and authorization methods are available. Options run from a fully automated system using a Ward CANceiver, HID badges, key FOBs, magnetic stripe cards, data keys, or basic keypad entry, and various combinations of each, based on your unique business needs.

The  W4 FCT sets a new standard for fuel control terminals with its optionality and dependable performance even in extreme environments.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and expandable
  • 100% secure
  • Fuel and fluids (DEF, oil, antifreeze, etc.)
  • User accountability
  • Real-time authorization and messaging with server
  • Controls multiple dispensing hoses
  • Readability in any light

Multiple Configurations

  • Fuel island – stand alone
  • Fuel truck – mounted
  • Wall – mounted
  • Dispenser – mounted
  • Maintenance kiosk
  • Transit bay

Multiple Access Methods

  • HID card
  • Magnetic stripe card
  • Data keys
  • Keypad entry
  • Flexible hose count
  • Configurable user interface
  • On-line messaging
  • Retail card authorization*
  • Receipt printer*

*Requires additional hardware