W4 Fuel View

W4 Fuel View is a complete Fuel Management and Driver Behavior Reporting Software package for fuel island monitoring and control, OBDII data collection and tank level monitoring. Comprehensive Dashboards and Reports allow you to monitor key performance indicators in real-time. Fuel View’s browser based user interface provides the capability for controlling and reviewing your fleet from anywhere, anytime.

Customized Reporting

Advanced query functions enable your analysts to quickly generate customized reports without having to search through lengthy files or records. W4 Fuel View puts the user in charge of the most actionable, timely and accurate reporting available in any fuel management solution.

Security Confidence

Rich features with complete selection of customizable system security features, including an Audit Trail that permit users to access only the level of data associated with their security protocols. Define access by read-only, user, site, division, or organizational hierarchy or combinations or them.


W4 Fleet View


Ward Track Fleet View is comprised of software and hardware components.

W4 software works with our real-time or passive hardware and can be deployed as a Ward hosted or customer hosted enterprise solution.



Ward-Software-W4FleetView-IconW4 Fleet View