The Ward CANceiver is the most advanced OBDII interface on the market for the collection of vehicle data, enabling fleet operators to fully automate fueling, track vital vehicle diagnostic parameters, driver performance, and passive GPS vehicle tracking in a single cost effective hardware component.

Designed to meet multiple industry standards and with Wi-Fi update capability the “all-in-one” CANceiver is the most powerful driver behavior and vehicle diagnostic tool available to help manage your fleet.

Sample CANceiver OBD Data*

Battery Voltage                           Seat Belt                                   Odometer
Coolant Temperature                Hard Braking                           Fuel Economy (MPG)
DTC                                              Hard Acceleration                   Vehicle Speed
DTC Odometer                           VIN                                            Idle Time Total
Emission Monitors                     Waste Idle Time                      Idle Fuel Used
Engine RPM                                 Engine Oil Pressure               Engine Time Total
PTO Time Total                           Fuel Consumed Total
Engine Load                                PTO Fuel Consumed Total
Engine Oil Temperature            Fuel Gauge Level
Mass Air Flow                             Check Engine Light

*Actual data captured is always dependent on the Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle or asset.

The Importance of CANceivers

  • Accurate odometer readings direct from the ECM
  • No manual entry once the vehicle arrives at the terminal
  • Advanced, timely vehicle diagnostics data for a healthier fleet through preventative maintenance
  • Driver behavior optimization & risk mitigation