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Ward’s Fuel View W4 Terminals display provides the user with a list of hardware that is on site.  This feature allows users to add, configure and or remove Fuel Control Terminals at sites.  A user has a wide range of configurations settings to choose from including; Call Intervals, Shutdown Limits, Timeouts, Odometer settings and more.

For any systems that have Tank Level Monitoring Systems such as a Veeder Root, Ward’s Fuel View W4’s software allows the user to choose between different types of Tank Level Monitoring  models and manufactures.
Users have a variety of selections from within the source list that gives them a wide range of information corresponding to their terminals.  These include History, Tanks, Pumps, Transactions, Audits and more.  Another great feature of Fuel View W4 is that the user has the ability to directly export data in Excel, PDF, and other formats.

Fuel View W4 software is compatible with Ward’s existing hardware such as FCT-RT W3 terminals and previous generations of CANcievers.